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  • B-2s stay in shape with exercises

    The 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron has spent the past three weeks refining the skills necessary to maintain the B-2 Spirit, one of the world's most advanced weapon systems. During exercises Valiant Shield, continuing through June 23, and Northern Edge, which ran from June 5 to 16, B-2 aircrew

  • Air crew provides proven support for pilots

    From hydraulic fluid leaks to servicing the struts on an F-15C Eagle, the 12th Aircraft Maintenance Unit’s trade has been essential to mission accomplishment and pilot safety during Northern Edge 2006. The maintainers at the 12th provide daily up-keep and maintenance on 16 F-15s to prepare them to

  • Exercise highlights Raptor synergy, joint capabilities

    The final mission flies today at Northern Edge 2006, but the majority of the results are already in, and success is the buzzword from Alaska. During the two-week joint service exercise, several scenarios have proven that the interoperability and integration between American assets are stronger than

  • Foreign Dignitaries Visit Guam for Valiant Shield 06

    Thirty-three foreign dignitaries from 7 countries arrived June 16, to observe Valiant Shield 2006, one of the largest joint-military exercises in the pacific in more than a decade. Dignitaries from Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Singapore are here to observe the U.S. Pacific

  • Cadet program visits Eielson

    If the 21 hours of daylight were not enough of an indication, let me share a recent discovery – it’s summertime! I recall with longing the last days of school before summer – slumped in my desk, counting the minutes until I could enjoy those precious American pastimes: baseball, fishing, and most

  • New Optical Gear the Way of the Future

    A high power, gyro-stabilized set of binoculars with a laser spot tracker inside may be the newest way to help aircraft and ground forces find the same target. The Stabilized Portable Optical Target Tracking Receiver or SPOTTR is used by airmen on the ground to assist fighter and bomber pilots find

  • Andersen prepares for Valient Shield

    Air Force bombers, fighters, tankers and support aircraft from the Pacific theater are arriving and making preparations to participate in Valiant Shield 2006. The U.S. Pacific Command exercise, which begins June 19 and lasts through June 23, will be conducted in the vicinity of Guam. Valiant Shield

  • Hickam honors WWII veterans with new C-17

    The delivery of the 7th of eight C-17 Globemaster IIIs here today brought 15th Airlift Wing and Pacific Air Forces Airmen together with World War II veterans. The aircraft is christened The Spirit of “Go For Broke,” which is a tribute to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The 442nd fought fiercely in