Pacific Air Forces, headquartered at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, is one of nine U.S. Air Force major commands and the air component of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. PACAF's primary mission is to provide ready air and space power to promote U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific region. It consists of 46,000 members, including active duty, Air National Guard, Reserve and civilians. PACAF's area of responsibility is home to 60 percent of the world's population in 36 nations spread across 53 percent of the Earth's surface and 16 time zones, with more than 1,000 languages spoken.

  • Red Flag-Alaska

    Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, are home to RED FLAG-Alaska, a realistic, 10-day air combat training exercise held up to four times a year. Each RED FLAG-Alaska exercise is a multi-service, multi-platform coordinated, combat operations exercise and corresponds to the designed operational capability of
  • Pacific Air Forces

    Pacific Air Forces, headquartered at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, is one of nine U.S. Air Force major commands and the air component of U.S. Pacific Command. Mission PACAF's primary mission is to deliver rapid and precise air, space and cyberspace capabilities to protect and defend the United States, its territories and our allies and
  • 613th Air Operations Center

    "The 613th Air Operations Center (AOC) is assigned to Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.  Currently, there are five AN/USQ-163 FALCONER weapon systems assigned to geographic combatant commands around the world and designed to provide command and control of joint air operations and multi-domain fires.  The 613

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE COURTYARD OF HEROESIn 1991, as the 50th anniversary of the Japanese 7 December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor approached, Gen. Jimmie Adams approved a project to put historical photos and story boards in the foyer of PACAF Headquarters. That move could be considered the beginning of the Courtyard of Heroes. Another 50th
  • 11th Air Force

    Organization The Eleventh Air Force plans, conducts, controls and coordinates air operations in accordance with the tasks assigned by the commander, Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), and is the force provider for Alaskan Command (ALCOM), the Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (ANR) and other unified commanders. This mission is
  • Kunsan Air Base

    Mission To deliver lethal airpower when and where directed by the Air Component Commander. To defend the base, accept follow-on forces and take the fight north! Personnel and Resources Kunsan Air Base, recipient of the Air Force's 2000 Commander-in-Chief's Award for Installation Excellence, has 2,717 Air Force members, 180 Army members, and more

    While Fifth Air Force traces its roots to the Philippines in the 1940's, U.S. military aviation made its first presence in the region there in March of 1912. Starting with a flight training school near Manila, its presence grew to the establishment of several aero squadrons over the next thirty years. Then, in September of 1941, the Philippine
  • 613th Support Group

    The 613th Support Group is assigned to Headquarters, 13th Air Force at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. It provides operational and personnel support to the 13th AF mission to plan, command and control, execute, and assess air, space, and information operations in the United States Pacific Command Area of Operations (less Korea Theater of
  • 17th Operational Weather Squadron

    The 17th Operational Weather Squadron (OWS), Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, is one of eight regionally located weather squadrons that, together, provide worldwide operational weather support and resource protection to critical Air Force, Army and Joint military operations and installations. Professional meteorologists and weather technicians
  • 7th Air Force

    Seventh Air Force headquartered at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, is one of four numbered Air Forces in Pacific Air Forces. Organizations assigned to 7th Air Force include the 51st and 8th Fighter Wings, and the following direct reporting units: 607th Air Operations Group, 607th Air Intelligence Group, 607th Air Support Operations Group, 607th