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  • SEA huts at Wolf Pack replace tents, compliments of RED HORSE engineers

    It's the 21st century and living accommodations at Kunsan's Wolf Pack Park, normally inhabited by those deployed in support of various Air Force Expeditionary assignments, have been brought into the new century. Thirty South-East Asia huts, commonly referred to as SEA huts because of their

  • JASDF officers learn Air Force-style logistics

    Ten company grade officers from the Japan Air Self Defense Force received tours, briefings and hands-on training covering U.S. Air Force logistics as part of a one-week Logistics Familiarization Course here this week.The students learned about Air Expeditionary Force experiences, providing

  • PACAF Wins History Award

    Pacific Air Forces historian office is the winner of the 2006 USAF History and Museums Program award. There were three award categories overall: Excellence in Wing History Programs, Excellence in Historical Publications, and Air Force Heritage. HQ PACAF received the Excellence in Historical

  • Kadena warrior wins SERE NCO of the Year award

    As warfighters, Air Force members are trained in many areas of combat skills ranging from self-aid and buddy care to chemical warfare. However, pilots, aircrews and personnel considered, “high risk of capture” are given extra training unique to their jobs by a small group of individuals. These

  • Air Ops Center wraps up Valiant Shield play

    Nearly 2,000 sorties later, the Kenney Headquarters’ Pacific Air Operations Center team, assembled to orchestrate air operations for Valiant Shield, called it good. “We had a very successful exercise,” said Major Paul Hahn, KHQ PAOC Combat Operations Division. “This was a great opportunity to

  • Last Block 10 Global Hawk arrives for check flights

    An RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle, the last Block 10 production aircraft, arrived here for a thorough checkup before delivery to an operational squadron. The aircraft will undergo a series of acceptance and operational check flights by the 452nd Flight Test Squadron before flying to Beale

  • Technicians cut AFSO 21 in to processes

    Imagine for a moment you are the proud owner of a very rare model car. It is luxurious, very sporty, very expensive, and only a handful exist in the entire world. Now imagine you need to make repairs or get a part to fix it. It could be very difficult to find and costly to buy parts. What do you

  • Air Force active in Valiant Shield '06

    Exercise Valiant Shield began this week and is largest joint exercise in the Western Pacific. Over a 290 aircraft, three carrier strike groups and approximately 22,000 U.S. military personnel are participating in the exercise. Valiant Shield focuses on intergraded joint training among U.S. military