613th Air Operations Center

"The 613th Air Operations Center (AOC) is assigned to Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.  Currently, there are five AN/USQ-163 FALCONER weapon systems assigned to geographic combatant commands around the world and designed to provide command and control of joint air operations and multi-domain fires.  The 613 AOC supports operations throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, an area covering over 52% of the globe, and it specifically focuses on integrating air, space, cyber, and information operations to meet campaign objectives established by Commander, U.S. Pacific Command.


The 613 AOC provides the Commander of Air Force Forces, the Theater Joint/Combined Force Air Component Commander (T-J/CFACC), and the Theater Area Air Defense Commander (T-AADC) with command and control joint operations through detailed joint planning, target development, weaponeering, sortie allocation, air tasking order production, mission execution management, and operational-level assessment functions supporting the joint force commander's campaign plan.


The 613 AOC team consists of approximately 700 personnel, with 350 Air Force military and civilian personnel working alongside 100 Army and Navy personnel on a daily basis in the AOC.  Additionally, 250 aligned Air National Guard personnel from Hawaii and Missouri regularly augment the 613 AOC for exercises and contingency operations.  In case of a contingency operation, the 613 AOC’s aligned Air National Guard augmentation forces can be in place in a very short time with several hundred additional active duty and reserve personnel from the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps augmenting the 613 AOC, as required.


The 613 AOC has five divisions and one squadron:  Strategy Division; Combat Plans Division; Combat Operations Division; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division; Air Mobility Division, and one Air Communications Squadron.  Each division is run by a Colonel (O-6) and the Air Communications Squadron is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel (O-5).  In addition, several Specialty Teams provide cross-functional support and expertise to all divisions.  Together, these ensure timely development of theater strategy, plans, and command and control processes to employ air, space, cyber, and information operations forces made available by the Services (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps) to help achieve desired effects in support of U.S. Pacific Command objectives and the National Defense Strategy. 


CAO: October 20, 2021