Eielson Air Force Base

The 354th Fighter Wing is the host unit at Eielson Air Force Base and is assigned to 11th Air Force, headquartered at Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage. Eleventh Air Force falls under Pacific Air Forces, which is headquartered at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

The wing supports operations, maintenance, mission support, and medical group functions and is host to eight tenant units.

354th Operations Group
The 354th Operations Group directs operations, training, and standardization of F-16CG and A/OA-10 weapons systems providing day-night combat ready forces for worldwide deployment conducting air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Conducts combined multi-service large force training for PACAF’s COPE THUNDER exercises and is responsible for the operations and maintenance of three weapons and electronic warfare training ranges.

The 353rd Combat Training Squadron develops, plans, and executes PACAF’s large force employment exercise, COPE THUNDER. Integrates 28 threat systems, electronic combat assets, and 224 targets. Uses the world’s most advanced debriefing system to reconstruct 6,000 combat training sorties annually. Operates PACAF’s Space Training Facility as a tactics, techniques, and procedures laboratory. Exercises dual-based command and control support.

The 354th Operations Support Squadron train for and execute strategic deployment and tactical employment planning for wing assigned F-16CG, and A/OA-10 aircraft. Support includes airspace and flying hour programming, life support, operations training, weapons and tactics, intelligence, operations plans, and theater battle management systems. Responsible for local air traffic control, weather service, and airfield management.

The 18th Fighter Squadron flies combat-ready F-16CG, 18 PAA, fighter squadron supporting higher headquarters-directed tactical air operations for worldwide deployment. Deploys on short notice to conduct air interdiction, close air support, forward air control (airborne), counter-air, and combat search and rescue roles using conventional and precision-guided munitions, day and night.

The 355th Fighter Squadron flies combat-ready, A/OA-10, 18 PAA, fighter squadron supporting higher headquarters-directed tactical air operations for worldwide deployment. Deploys on short notice to conduct day and night forward air control, close air support, air interdiction, joint air attack team, and combat search and rescue operations. Unit personnel serve as air-to-ground liaison officers who control and employ conventional munitions in the Joint Air-Land-Battle.

354th Maintenance Group
The 354th Maintenance Group provides aircraft and munitions maintenance support to the 354th Fighter Wing’s F-16 and A-10 aircraft as well Cope Thunder, transient and special mission aircraft operating at Eielson AFB. Aircraft maintenance in Alaskan temperatures ranging from 90 degrees in the summer to –60 degrees in the winter can be demanding but no mater what conditions prevail in this beautiful land of extremes the men and women of the Maintenance Group “keep ‘em flying.” The Maintenance Group staff includes command, quality assurance, information management, engineering technical services and weapons training functions. In addition, three squadrons are assigned under the group:

The 354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides aircraft sortie production and weapons loading support for the Wing’s F-16 and A-10 aircraft. In addition to a command staff, the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron has two Aircraft Maintenance Units aligned with each of the Wing’s Fighter Squadrons. The 18th Aircraft Maintenance Unit supports the 18th Fighter Squadron’s F-16 aircraft while the 355th Aircraft Maintenance Unit supports the 355th Fighter Squadron’s A-10 aircraft. In each of these Aircraft Maintenance Units are the aircraft crew chiefs, system specialists, weapons loaders, maintenance schedulers, support personnel and production leaders who are tasked to deploy and generate aerospace power anytime and anywhere.

The 354th Maintenance Squadron provides heavy aircraft maintenance and munitions support for the Wing’s F-16 and A-10 aircraft. In addition, the squadron provides aircraft maintenance and munitions support to Cope Thunder, transient, and special mission aircraft operating at Eielson AFB. In this squadron are the command staff, avionics, propulsion, accessory maintenance, armament, fabrication, aerospace ground equipment, munitions maintenance and support personnel who are also tasked to deploy and support aerospace power anytime and anywhere.

The 354th Maintenance Operations Squadron is responsible for all 354th Maintenance Group maintenance training, aircraft engine data management, maintenance operations as well as maintenance plans and programs. The squadron also provides administrative support for the group staff functions and is also tasked to deploy and support aerospace power anytime and anywhere.

354th Mission Support Group
Eielson operates much like any city and is home to thousands of people. From family services to construction and security, 354th Support Group keeps the physical installation and its personnel performing at peak efficiency.

Skilled craftsmen operate a coal-fired heat and power plant, water plant and waste-water treatment plant making the base totally self-sufficient.

The transportation and supply squadrons are responsible for all facets of movement for aircraft parts, household goods and freight as well as supplying fuel, and mobility support.

Units also meet administrative, educational and communications-computer system requirements for the wing. Other activities include lodging, food service, mortuary affairs, and child development functions. Recreational activities such as the fitness center, library, skill centers and clubs are vital to the health and morale of everyone living on Eielson.

Contracting solicits and awards contracts for operations and maintenance construction, services, supplies, and environmental contracting for the wing, Cope Thunder's range complex, including all deployed units and forces; the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Systems mission at Clear and reciprocal contracting support for the Army at Fort Wainwright.

The squadrons assigned to the 354th Mission Support Group include the 354th Civil Engineer Squadron, 354th Communications Squadron, 354th Contracting Squadron, 354th Mission Support Squadron, 354th Security Forces Squadron, 354th Services Squadron, 354th Supply Squadron, and 354th Transportation Squadron.

354th Medical Group
The 354th Medical Group provides outpatient managed healthcare under the new Tricare program for all eligible beneficiaries living in the Eielson area. In addition, its dental clinic provides care for all active-duty military members.

The medical clinic operates two primary care panels staffed by board-certified family practice physicians, flight surgeons, general medical officers and physician assistants. In addition, specialty clinics are available for pediatrics, optometry, and life skills support. Immunization, laboratory, X-ray and physical therapy services are located in the clinic, and a pharmacy provides prescription services.

Bassett Army Community Hospital (BACH) on Fort Wainwright serves as the Eielson clinic's referral source for some specialty and inpatient care. Other specialty services are available by referral through aeromedical evacuation to the 3rd Medical Group at Elmendorf or Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis, Wash.

Dental services available include the full spectrum of general dentistry care, including endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, and prosthetics. The dental staff also provides educational services to base schools and assists other organizations with dental disease prevention programs.

CAO: October 20, 2021