613th Support Group

The 613th Support Group is assigned to Headquarters, 13th Air Force at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. It provides operational and personnel support to the 13th AF mission to plan, command and control, execute, and assess air, space, and information operations in the United States Pacific Command Area of Operations (less Korea Theater of Operations).

The 613th SPTG mission is to directly support the warfighting mission of the 13th Air Force through its assigned squadrons and develop and manage personnel programs in support of assigned personnel. The 613th SPTG provides operational-level communications expertise for the command and control of air, space, information operations for Commander, Pacific Air Forces and Commander, USPACOM and regional and operational-level air and space weather support. Subordinate units as well as SPTG staff manage personnel programs and activities for the 13th AF commander.

The 613th SPTG has two squadrons assigned to it: the 56th Air and Space Communications Squadron and the 17th Operational Weather Squadron.

The 56th ACOMS provides operational-level communications expertise for the command and control of air, space, and information operations for COMPACAF and COMUSPACOM. The squadron operates and maintains long-haul communications, tactical and information systems and associated support equipment for in-garrison and deployed operations. In addition, the squadron provides core communications personnel to the 613th Air and Space Operations Center.

17 OWS provides operational weather support for the Pacific theater. Squadron personnel utilize the latest technology, including Doppler radar, weather satellites and supercomputer models to monitor and forecast changing conditions across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. 17 OWS is comprised of the standard operational weather squadron functions (forecasting, training, systems, etc.), however it also has administrative control over the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, US Army Pacific Staff Weather Officer, and the Combat Weather Team for Hickam Air Force Base. In addition, the squadron serves as the central hub for all PACAF weather operations, excluding Alaska.

The Squadron Section Commander oversees the Commander's Support Staff and works with the First Sergeant, executing a myriad of Air Force and MAJCOM personnel programs and is responsible for the morale, welfare, and discipline of more than 650 personnel assigned to Headquarters, 13th AF.

Other functions that reside on the staff of the 613th SPTG to support Headquarters, 13th AF include security, facility, training and readiness management.

The Support Group became operational under the George C. Kenny Headquarters (Provisional) on Dec. 16, 2005. The 613th SPTG was activated and assigned to 13th AF on Oct.6, 2006.

CAO: October 20, 2021