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  • Alaska range, airspace critical to combat training

    Ejecting out of a fighter jet at more than 400 miles an hour, aircrew members have one objective--to make it to the ground alive. For an F-15 fighter pilot and his navigator, the combat search and rescue training scenario during Red Flag-Alaska 07-1 stranded them with severe injuries on the

  • Accurate contact information critical to mission, family

    What happens when a service member fails to notify military agencies of a change to his or her phone number? Personnel databases become obsolete. Pyramid recalls fail. Hospitals can't contact or set up appointments for patients. What if every service member on base was to change his or her telephone

  • Virgina sailors visit Eielson to work with joint service, experience Alaska

    Joint and coalition combat operations are prevalent in today's world and exercises such as Red Flag-Alaska are vital training opportunities structured to achieve success and cohesiveness in real-world missions. Although the fight here at Red Flag-Alaska 07-1 is simulated, U.S. Navy Strike Fighter

  • Airman's Creed exemplifies warfighting ethos

    The Air Force chief of staff introduced the new "Airman's Creed" April 18 to provide Airmen a tangible statement of beliefs that they can hold most dear. The Airman's Creed reflects pride in the role of air, space and cyberspace power and the Air Force's commitment in supporting and defending the

  • Cold weather can't stop desert-dwelling Airmen

    Working in a cold-weather environment may not be in the repertoire of desert-dwelling maintainers up here for Red Flag-Alaska 07-1, but these Luke Airmen don't seem to mind and they're not about to let it affect their mission. "To be honest, if it wasn't chilly here I would probably be

  • First 2007 Red Flag-Alaska ends on positive note

    The year's first Red Flag-Alaska-- a multi-service, multi-platform, combat operations exercise involving coalition forces--ended today after two weeks of intense, air-combat training over Alaska's mountain ranges. Training in a joint environment with coalition forces is an opportunity that cannot be

  • PACAF leads the way for Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

    Pacific Air Force's implementation of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program is off to a good start. Since the program was ordered to resume under the direction of the deputy secretary of defense in October, PACAF has immunized more than 94 percent of its Airmen who have been designated for