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  • Arctic Gold enhances emergency response

    Train like you fight" is a mantra commanders have no doubt relayed to their troops throughout military history, with the goal in mind of inspiring those in their charge to be prepared for any contingency. But a look into the planning and implementation behind Eielson training scenarios shows that

  • Eielson leads way in AF safety

    Eielson Air Force Base has been selected as the first base in Pacific Air Forces to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's voluntary protection program, which has been proven to be highly effective in reducing on-the-job mishaps. "The VPP is a program implemented by OSHA that

  • Raptor meets new challenges, expands capabilities

    For the men and women taking care of the Air Force's newest and most lethal fighter aircraft, the F-22A Raptor, firsts seem to be a common occurrence. Along with milestones by the 27th and 94th Fighter Squadrons have come new challenges in places such as Alaska, Utah and Florida that have left

  • Arctic Thunder returns to skies over Elmendorf after year off

    Arctic Thunder 2006 has ended and base officials have deemed it a success. Aside from a few performance cancellations Saturday, due to inclement weather, the air show and open house appears to have gone smoothly. Nearly 136,000 people, slightly lower than expected overall total attendance, witnessed

  • All clear to land: Air traffic controllers ensure smooth flying

    At 12 stories above ground level, Eielson's air traffic controllers have their work cut out for them: Acting as the start-to-finish force of the entire airspace for the area, the controllers track, manage and ensure operational safety for all aircraft taking off and landing at Eielson. To perform

  • New airline security measures apply to AMC travelers

    Airline travelers are facing new security measures at the nation's airports today that promise to disrupt flights and cause a domino affect around the world. The Department of Homeland Security increased airport and air travel security measures in response to a foiled plot by extremist to blow up