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  • Modernized Air Force As Part of Joint Team Paramount to National Defense

    In a recent Op/Ed in The Christian Science Monitor, Representative Neil Abercrombie co-authored a piece titled 'How to fuel up the out-of-gas U. S. military machine.' In that piece, Rep. Abercrombie said "make no mistake: The US is not at war, the US military is. The burden of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is being carried by our soldiers and
  • Weapons Airmen help pilots' firing accuracy

    Putting steel on target is the aim of warfighters, and making sure F-16 Fighting Falcon guns hit the bull's-eye every time is the mission of weapon loaders at Misawa Air Base. In a process called boresighting, weapons Airmen ensure the path of bullets shot from the aircraft's 20mm cannon is aligned with pilots' targeting systems in the cockpit's
  • AFSO21 there to help you

    Most people have heard of AFSO21, but some may not know what it is or how it can help them while at Osan. So what is it? "(Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century) is an exciting program because you get to make an impact on your organization," said 1st Lt. Marsha Smith, the 51st Fighter Wing AFSO21 process manager. "The goal of the program
  • Wolf Pack evaluates self for last time before ORI

    As part of the last opportunity to practice its wartime mission prior to April's Operational Readiness Inspection, the Wolf Pack completed its third exercise entitled 'Foal Eagle 07-03' March 22 through 31.   Known as an operational readiness exercise, or ORE, the 8th Fighter Wing, together with its neighbor to the north, the 51st FW at Osan AB,
  • Yokota students show precision, dedication

    "Squad, halt!" The uniformed members in polished dress shoes marching in formation with shined-brown rifle stocks parading in a small gym come to a stomping halt. The nine young men and women stand at a position of attention. These young men and women aren't servicemembers -- they're high school students. They are the members of the Yokota High
  • 11th Air Force command chief shares wisdom

    Editor's note: The following is a question and answer session with Chief Master Sgt. Robert Moore, 11th Air Force's top enlisted Airman. Arctic Sentry: What are the top three issues Alaska's airmen should be concerned with today? Chief Moore: First and foremost, do what you do best--the mission. We are the most technically advanced and
  • PACAF celebrates Month of the Military Child

    They never raised their right hands and pledged to defend their nation, but they still make sacrifices for their country. The contributions of military children will be celebrated across the Defense Department as April is designated as Month of the Military Child, and the spirit of the event will be felt by military families throughout the Pacific.