Northern Warfare Training Center helps prepare SEALs

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Boitz
  • Northern Edge Joint Information Bureau
A West Coast-based SEAL team continued their training during Northern Edge 2009 with the help from the Northern Warfare Training Center here June 17.

The SEAL team learned and practiced several river crossing techniques to prepare them for overseas contingency operations.

"The training that we are learning here is invaluable," said a senior SEAL member. "We are always looking ways to improve skills; Northern Edge gives us an opportunity to do that."

The training was conducted at Phelan Creek, flowing with freezing glacier water and silt that can add unnecessary weight if an individual is in the water for too long.

"The water was pretty cold and the current was fast," said the SEAL member, "but our guys weren't afraid to get in there and go to work."

NWTC instructors provided demonstrations and hands-on training on how to cross waters ranging from low to high flowing, and short to long distances.

The opportunity not only gave them a chance to learn valuable training, it also gave them
a chance to see what they can improve on.

"The instructors from the NWTC showed us some excellent techniques that our guys will use in the future," he said. "We're happy to have a new asset in our skill set."