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  • Maintenance professionals honored for 2006

    A vocal crowd of Airmen from across the maintenance group and other units across the base honored the 2006 Maintenance Professionals of the Year at a banquet April 27 in Hangar 3 here. More than 400 Airmen chanting squadron slogans at the tops of their lungs seen the "best of the best" recognized for the work accomplished day in and day out keeping
  • Misawa City Mayor and champion for U.S.-Japan relations dies at age 66

    A longtime friend and supporter of American servicemembers, their families and the Air Force mission in Northern Japan has passed away Tuesday from pneumonia at the age of 66. Mayor Shigeyoshi Suzuki served as the Mayor of Misawa City, representing a city of 40,000, for more than two decades and was in his sixth term upon his death. Throughout his
  • Japanese pilots get taste of F-22As during Kadena training

    U.S. and Japanese jet fighter pilots got a chance to play "good jock, bad jock" in the skies near Okinawa. For the first time ever, fighter jocks with Japan's Air Self-Defense Force got to practice air-to-to-air combat last week with American counterparts who were flying stealthy new F-22A Raptors. In the first mission Friday, the U.S. Air Force
  • Hawaii kicks off Military Appreciation Month

    "Ohana" or family is a concept that runs deep in Hawaii. Ohana includes not only one's personal family, but also their community. In Hawaii, ohana extends to the military. For the 22nd year in a row, Hawaii's business and government leaders came together to thank U.S. servicemembers during the kickoff celebration for Hawaii's Military Appreciation
  • Vietnam veteran tells today's Airmen "stay focused"

    The knowledge and experience that Air Force retirees share with current Airmen can help develop careers. Retired Col. James Gilliland holds his audience in rapt attention while he tells stories of his progression as an RF-4C pilot and shares his experiences flying during the Vietnam War. With 30 years of active-duty service and 100 reconnaissance
  • 13th AMU excited, nervous and ready to deploy

    For those deploying for the first time, it's exciting and nerve-wracking, but they are ready to put their everyday training into play to support the Global War on Terrorism, and relieve their counterparts in Iraq. "I didn't think I would be going so soon, but I'm really excited," said Airman 1st Class Matthew Popp, 13th Aircraft Maintenance Unit
  • Misawa officers going downrange for first time

    No more war stories from others for one Air Force lieutenant. She doesn't want to hear it - not this time; she wants to experience it herself. This month, she will not have to listen to her Misawa peers who just returned home telling stories of experiences in war-torn countries, fighting the Global War on Terrorism, or learning about a new culture
  • PACAF takes lead with Pacific Lifeline

    In the aftermath of a devastating typhoon or earthquake, immediate humanitarian response is crucial. Lives may be lost. Thousands may be injured and entire towns leveled. Tsunamis like the one that recently hit the Solomon Islands or the massive storm that devastated Indonesia in December 2004 emphasize the urgent need for immediate response when