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  • Osan teen selected as PACAF Youth of the Year

    Sometimes people get so caught up in their work, they don't realize how much they've accomplished until they take a step back. An Osan teen realized this when she won Youth of the Year for both the base and Pacific Air Force. "I know I did a lot," said 17-year-old Alicia Bratten. "It just didn't feel like 425 hours (volunteering) for 2006." From
  • Munitions Airmen give B-52s their teeth

    According to the Airmen deployed to the 36th Munitions Squadron at Andersen AFB, a B-52 without weapons is "just another airliner." As part of the scheduled bomber presence in the Pacific theater, 32 munitions personnel from Barksdale Air Force Base, La.  were sent to Guam in support of six B-52s deployed to the region. These deployed Airmen
  • Kadena school teacher thanks his military medical heroes

    Many talk about heroes in their lives. For a Department of Defense Dependent Schools teacher here, his heroes wear camouflage and flight suits. On May 2, he came to thank those who saved his life over a year ago. For Jim Brierly, March 30, 2006, was a day that started like any other day. By the end it, his life would change forever, thanks to the
  • National nurses week honors 3rd MDG members

    The work of America's 2.9 million registered nurses to save lives and maintain the health of millions of individuals is the focus of this year's National Nurses Week, celebrated annually May 6-12 throughout the United States. This year, the American Nurses Association has selected "Nursing: A Profession and a Passion" as the theme. Annually,
  • PACAF emphasizes anthrax vaccination before deployments

    Officials are emphasizing that pre-deployment notification of Airmen designated to deploy to specific high-threat areas - primarily the Central Command area of responsibility or the Korean peninsula - is sufficient to begin anthrax vaccinations. Air Force guidance states that all categories of personnel on orders may begin immunizations up to 60
  • Active, Reserve Airmen join forces to fight fires

    A total force team of firefighters from Yokota Air Base and the 440th Airlift Wing, Wisconsin's only Air Force Reserve unit, combined skills to extinguish flames during a live-fire exercise here the last week of April. The joint training offered an experience Yokota AB firefighters and the reservists could both learn from, most of all teaming up
  • Weather Airman Works Late to Keep Others Safe

    The early evening hours here are like most Hawaiian nights, warm and breezy but Tech Sergeant Rosswald Guevarra isn't interested in the weather outside. High up in the command center of the 17th Operational Weather Squadron Sergeant Guevarra is staring intently into a computer monitor tracking the weather conditions halfway around the world at
  • 'Blackcats' to celebrate 90 years of service

    The 5th Reconnaissance Squadron celebrates its 90th anniversary with a dining-in at the Blackcat Compound on Friday at 6 p.m. Col. Stephen P. Sheehy, 9th Maintenance Group commander, is attending the dinner as the special guest speaker. Other special guests include Chief Master Sgt. Michael Baca, 9th Operations Group superintendent, and Master Sgt.
  • Couple of AMMOS grads right here

    Few organizations across the Air Force have people who have graduated from a specialized school like the Advanced Maintenance and Munitions Officer School, and with only three classes per year, it's easy to see how this advanced training is a rare honor. But, as rare as it may be for a base to have two graduates from this advanced school, a couple