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  • Airman exemplifies base's Japan Day

    An Airman here recently received a cultural experience few Japanese are even afforded the opportunity to enjoy. Airman 1st Class Song Lee entranced the crowd at the opening ceremony of Misawa Air Base's 20th Annual Japan Day wearing a Junihitoe (which means 12-layer robe), an elegant imperial kimono. The style of kimono dates back to the 10th
  • Armee de l'Air

  • Launching Jets

  • Light 'em Up!

  • Young Airman prepares for his first deployment

    Eighteen years old and fresh out of high school, he may not have many years under his flak vest but he made a choice few make ... to serve and defend his country. Airman Samuel Martinek, part of the 35th Security Forces Squadron at Misawa Air Base, Japan, is preparing for his upcoming deployment. While he may be new to the Air Force, he says he
  • Wolf rallies wing during 'Wolf Call'

    With guns blazing (literally), forklifts hauling equipment and an afterburner-fly by, the 8th Fighter Wing commander gave his final rally speech before the wing's Operational Readiness Inspection.   Col. Jeff "Wolf" Lofgren, donning individual protective equipment and a squad assault weapons, made his entrance to a crowd of more than 1,500 Wolf
  • 'Superbug' removes toxins from base golf course soil

    An environmental initiative results in the enhancement of an environmentally safe, locally grown 'superbug' that is cleaning up toxic chemicals dumped in an old landfill of the 1940s underneath Mamala Bay Golf Course. "These microscopic superbugs consume potentially toxic chemicals (present in the soil) and break them down to a level that is not
  • Trainer to the stars

    If not for a sharp-eyed recruiter's assistant more than two decades ago, Team Hickam would assuredly be far less 'Fit to Fight.' Benny Miguel was a civilian personal trainer in 1985 when he joined the Air Force's delayed entrance program, awaiting basic training and then technical school in his assigned administrative career field. Just prior to