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  • Extenders keep Red Flag-Alaska on target

    Staying in the fight while supporting the Global War on Terror is key to U.S. and coalition forces maintaining air superiority during combat missions. Helping ensure these pilots stay in the fight is the responsibility of the crews onboard refueling tankers like the KC-10 Extenders participating in the Red Flag-Alaska 07-1 exercise April 5-20
  • Pacific Lifeline prepares PACAF humaitarian

    In the aftermath of a devastating typhoon or earthquake, immediate humanitarian response is crucial. Lives may be lost. Thousands may be injured and entire towns leveled. Tsunamis like the one that recently hit the Solomon Islands or the massive storm that devastated Indonesia in December 2004 emphasize the urgent need for immediate response when
  • Luke team trains for combat at Red Flag-Alaska

    Airmen from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., recently deployed as mission ready warfighters to participate in Red Flag-Alaska, a multi-service, multi-platform coordinated, combat operations exercise. Thirteen instructors pilots, six operations support staff and more than 64 maintainers made the 2,600 mile trek to take part in the two-week long exercise
  • War Party

  • Spirit of Aloha Advances Partnership for Health in Vietnam

    At first it was just a trickle of country folks, but soon a steady procession formed on the narrow, dusty roads dotted with elaborate ancestral tombs and massive water buffalos. People on foot were soon overtaken by rickety bicycles, and noisy motorbikes. By 0700, a huge crowd packed the courtyard outside the spartan clinic building. Propelled by
  • Airman exemplifies base's Japan Day

    An Airman here recently received a cultural experience few Japanese are even afforded the opportunity to enjoy. Airman 1st Class Song Lee entranced the crowd at the opening ceremony of Misawa Air Base's 20th Annual Japan Day wearing a Junihitoe (which means 12-layer robe), an elegant imperial kimono. The style of kimono dates back to the 10th