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  • Ready at a moment's notice

    Airmen from Det. 1, 210th Rescue Squadron took to the skies in a Sikorsky HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter on a two-hour training mission the afternoon of Dec. 7. The aerial gunner and flight engineer's mission goal was to qualify on the M240, a 7.62 mm machine gun, by successfully shooting at fake convoys set up in the Pacific Alaska Range Complex. The
  • 517th Airlift Squadron brings holidays to Arctic Village

    For various reasons, Santa Claus' reindeer were not able to make the trip to Arctic Village. For example, Donner and Blitzen were not current on their training and Rudolph was getting his red-nose shined so he could lead the way on Santa's Christmas journey. So, like they have done for the last 40 years and for the final time, Air Force C-130s from
  • World class powerlifter at Osan

    Have you ever heard that heated discussion between guys in the gym, "I can bench more than you can," well chances are, one Osan Airman will win that argument every time. Staff Sgt. Michael P. Schwanke, 51st Communications Squadron wideband technician, is currently ranked 16th in the National Power Lifting Rankings for the 242 pounds weight class.
  • Osan to sort it, bag it and drop it

    Sort it, bag it and drop it -- that is the goal of the new Osan Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling Program that started Dec. 13. This purpose of the Air Force Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling Program is to: -- Divert solid waste from landfills and incinerators through reuse, recycling, composting, mulching or donating. -- Ensure integrated
  • Big Brother's watching … and protecting

    It's kind of like the novel "1984." Big Brother really is watching ... but this time, he's helping to keep the members of Osan safe. The high-tech Integrated Base Defense Security System is a suite of intrusion-detection sensors which uses specialized equipment to survey both the base security zone and interior of Osan. Using IBDSS gives the base
  • Kadena Airmen work with Japan Air Self Defense Force

    Six Kadena Air Base NCOs recently had the opportunity to experience what life is like in the Japan Air Self Defense Force. As part of the NCO Bilateral Exchange Program they flew in JASDF aircraft Dec. 5 to Tsuiki Air Base in mainland Japan. There they spent the next nine days living and working side-by-side JASDF Airmen in similar jobs. "We're
  • General talks to next greatest generation

    The four-star general looked into the crowd of eager-eyed cadets -- the next generation of Air Force leaders looked back at him. General Paul V. Hester, the Pacific Air Forces commander, visited Houston for the strategic outreach plan "Air Force Road Show" and took time to talk with the University of Houston ROTC Detachment 003, university
  • General briefs Air Force mission to Houston group

    Ken Scott and other members of the Houston Forum were briefed about the Air Force Mission by General Paul V. Hester, Pacific Air Forces commander, Dec. 7 here at a JW Marriott hotel auditorium. Mr. Scott owns a public relations and communications company in Houston and he knows how hard public speaking can be from personal experience. He said he
  • The brain that harnesses the brawn of the war in Iraq

    There are many different units, personnel, and pieces of equipment assigned to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. There is one unique organization designed to bring them all together in order to defeat and drive out the al-Qaida presence in Iraq-- that organization is known as the Fusion Cell.Set up to bring intelligence and operational