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  • Critical training brings Misawa's Airmen up to speed

    As part of the initial response phase, families of a recent exercise at Misawa Air Base, Japan played a critical role in a simulated evacuation Monday morning. The mass departure processing is an important part of the full deployment and capability of our service, according to one official. Representing about 40 family members were eight
  • Soldiers, Airmen 'smoke' each other during USAG Humphreys boxing tourney

    Fighters from both the U.S. Army and Air Force settled their interservice differences in the ring during the 2007 summer Smoker Boxing Tournament Aug. 11 here.   The competition, sponsored by Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation, pitted 36 males from Osan, Kunsan and Suwon Air Bases against Soldiers from across the Korean peninsula in 18 bouts, each
  • Air warriors train for deployment

    Eielson Airmen added some valuable training to their skill sets as they prepare for upcoming worldwide deployments. A class of about 50 participated in a three-day combat skills training course, administered by Anser Co. (whose cadres have had recent combat experiences), and were educated on topics ranging from convoy planning and unexploded
  • AOC commands the sky during Exercise Valiant Shield

    Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines are working together in the 613th Air and Space Operations Center here and within the air space around Guam to enhance joint combat skills and interoperability during exercise Valiant Shield 2007. The week-long exercise, which tests the military's ability to rapidly consolidate joint forces in response to
  • Yokota Airman reunites with son at deployment

    One can be sure that when Jon Borseth joined the Air Force in 1979 he had no idea he would be deployed with his son 27 years later. Master Sgt. Jon Borseth and Airman 1st Class Jon Borseth, II, reunited in Southwest Asia in May 2007 when both deployed to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing to support operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring
  • Elmendorf welcomes F-22A Raptor

    It was a historic day for Elmendorf as the base officially welcomed the first of its F-22A Raptor fleet during a ceremony here Wednesday. Elmendorf became the second operational base and the first Pacific Air Forces installation to receive the Air Force's new superiority fighter. "These incredible airframes are ushering in a new day in the Land of
  • You can sleep well tonight – 13th Air Force is Awake

    As the newest "Component - Numbered Air Force" (C-NAF) on the block, 13th Air Force is off and running, defining and shaping the "Art of Command and the Science of Control" of air, space, and information operations in the Pacific theater. As a C-NAF we still maintain many of the traditional responsibilities of a NAF but there is a new twist.
  • Healthy eyes start with regular exams

    While Luke Skywalker was able to get a torpedo into a tiny thermal exhaust vent with his blast shield covering his eyes, most people can't get around by just "stretching out" their feelings. No, in this galaxy sight is a much relied-upon sense, and it is everyone's responsibility to take care of their eyes. Regular eye exams are the best way to
  • From the depths: Airmen act quickly in water rescue

    "Breathe, baby! Breathe, baby!" Claire Darnell tried again to give the little girl mouth-to-mouth at the edge of the pool. The child lay there, pale, eyes partly open but unmoving, pupils dilated. The rescue breathing didn't seem to be working. "Breathe, baby!" The fifth of August started out like any other Sunday at the height of summer. After
  • A New Era in Aviation Begins in Alaska

    This week marks an exciting time at Elmendorf Air Force Base as we welcome the newest, most revolutionary, most talked about air dominance fighter in the history of aviation. The F-22 Raptor will soon be common place in the skies above Alaska, protecting America and the Pacific Theater. With its arrival, our Air Force is more capable than ever of