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  • Cope Tiger 2016 concludes

    Months of planning and two weeks of flying and working side-by-side, came to an end for the participants of the 22nd iteration of Exercise Cope Tiger 16, during a closing ceremony, held here March 18.
  • Pacific Agility concludes at Andersen AFB

    After spending a week sharing logistics and maintenance techniques, military members from nine nations concluded the Pacific Agility 16-1 subject-matter expert exchange March 17, 2016, at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.The program is a Pacific Air Forces engagement designed to establish integrated logistics cooperation with selected
  • Subject-matter exchange enhances partnerships, interoperability in Pacific

    For the first time, subject-matter experts from nine nations in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region came to Andersen Air Force Base for a four-day program designed to enhance and integrate logistical capabilities. Pacific Agility 16-1, a U.S. Pacific Command multilateral subject-matter expert exchange led by Pacific Air Forces, intends to promote regional
  • Exercise Cope Tiger 2016 enhances capabilities through team work

    Readiness and continued development of multilateral interoperability remains a key priority for Indo-Asia-Pacific partners participating in the 22nd year of Exercise Cope Tiger, a joint multilateral field training exercise that began here March 7.
  • Kadena Airmen build relationships with JASDF aerial port members

    Members from the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron and Japan Air Self Defense Force pose for group photo in front of a JASDF C-1 cargo jet during a tour, March 10, 2016, at Naha Air Base, Japan. 733rd AMS Airmen performed an exchange with JASDF members to tour operations at Aerial Port to foster better communication, understanding, and friendship between
  • Air Force, Army, ROK military conduct joint training

    Team Osan was tested March 10, 2016, when Republic of Korea and U.S. military branches banded together in a multi-service, multi-cultural, chemical detection and decontamination exercise scenario here during Beverly Midnight 16-01. In the scenario, a Humvee and a Patriot missile launcher from the 5th Air Defense Artillery Brigade were in transit and suspected of being contaminated.
  • Cope North 16 Pacific partners sharpen air combat skills

    Pilots from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Air Force conducted a large force employment here Feb. 18-26 as part of exercise Cope North 16.
  • Andersen hosts Pacific Air Partners Open House

    Long lines and huge crowds filled the Andersen AFB flightline Feb. 20. The scene, reminiscent of something one might see at an amusement park, was Andersen opening its doors to the public for the 2016 Pacific Air Partners Open House.More than 23,000 Guam residents, tourists and military members alike received the opportunity to walk around the
  • International airmen display agility, skill at Singapore airshow

    U.S. Pacific Command personnel joined Airmen from several nations as they kicked off the week-long Singapore International Airshow at Changi International Airport, Singapore, Feb. 16.
  • U.S., 5 partner nations to participate in Cope North 2016

    The U.S. and six ally and partner nations in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region are scheduled to participate in exercise Cope North 2016 at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Feb. 10 through 26.