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  • Team Hickam aircrew nails initial landing

    Team Hickam started off Air Mobility Command Rodeo 2007 on the "right wheels," landing the several-ton C-17 within the second of their projected time. The pressure was on from the 29-member-crew's 3:30 a.m. take off from Hickam until landing here around 12:30 p.m. local time. With high hopes for

  • USFJ commander visits earthquake relief team

    Lt. Gen. Bruce Wright, U.S. Forces Japan commander, visited members from the Navy Seabees and Japan Ground Self Defense Force members at Niigata Prefecture July 21. During the trip the general commended the effort of the Seabees and JGSDF members on setting up 79 air conditioning units for Japanese

  • International officers observe Red Flag-Alaska

    Eighteen senior military leaders from nations across the globe converged in Alaska to see first hand the training capabilities offered through Red Flag-Alaska exercises. This year's Executive Observer Program shows that many international militaries have interest in participating in the exercise

  • Military working dog teams conduct joint training

    Securing the harness around his partner, Staff Sgt. Ryan Veith gives a reassuring look into his partner's eyes followed by a quick scratch behind the ear. Sergeant Vieth's partner is visibly nervous and the deafening roar overhead isn't helping matters. As the helicopter hovers in place above them,

  • Airmen help provide medical care in Nauru

    A U.S. Pacific Command team of Soldiers and Airmen deployed to the small island of Nauru in the south Pacific to provide medical assistance to patients and training to caregivers. The team will spend a week seeing patients, meeting with local officials, and sharing knowledge with the island's

  • Complex CSAR training at Red Flag-Alaska

    A combat, search and rescue team saved two aircrew members who were downed in hostile territory as part of a complex, multinational training scenario July 19 at Red Flag-Alaska, an air combat exercise over the Pacific Alaska Range Complex. Red Flag-Alaska includes sophisticated CSAR training to