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  • General Chandler speaks on Elmendorf's future

    Lt. Gen. Carroll H. Chandler, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Requirements, visited here Feb. 21-23 to discuss the capability Alaska provides to the Air Force, recapitalization of the force, joint initiatives and the arrival of the C-17 and F-22. Although he is no longer stationed in Alaska, General Chandler is still in a position
  • Holloman OG commander sees deployed F-117 operations

      The Wolf Pack welcomed a special member of the 49th Fighter Wing who traveled to the Republic of Korea this week to get a first-hand look at the success of the stealth fighter's deployment.   Holloman's operations group commander Col. Jack Forsythe arrived Saturday just in time to see one of the biggest differences between Holloman and Kunsan
  • Blue Foxes receive new gear

    The 18th Fighter Squadron recently procured an important war-fighting upgrade that will help keep them at the tip of the spear. Blue Fox pilots have incorporated a new helmet that features the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, a system which improves breathing and radio communication as well as better head protection. The upgrade, which runs at
  • Airmen help support 1,000-mile dog sled race

    Interior Alaska's formidable winter chill couldn't deter Airmen from Eielson from volunteering to help support the local community during the Yukon Quest, the 1,000-mile international dog sled race. More than 160 Airmen braved temperatures-- at times dipping to 40 degrees minus zero-- to help man the North Pole Dog Drop, a check-point for mushers
  • DOD implements Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

    The Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program, or AVIP, mandates Airmen assigned to high-threat areas receive the Anthrax vaccine, while also providing Airmen the choice to continue anthrax vaccines if they are not assigned to a designated high-threat area. The Department of Defense issued a new policy memo Oct. 12 requiring the DOD begin mandatory
  • Pacific Air Force Band performs at high school

    The Air Force Band of the Pacific, Hana Hou, stationed at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii recently played at Radford High School as part of an Air Force recruitment tool to pique the interests of potential recruits. "We are out here to play a concert during the lunch time period," said Staff Sgt. Richard Vasquez. "We are going to let the kids know a
  • Personnel records readiness vital to mission

    Nobody can predict the twists and turns that life can take, but with a little bit of preparation Airmen can make the best of any situation. The Air Force Personnel Center designated February as Personnel Records Readiness Month. Military members used this opportunity to review items such as their virtual record of emergency data, or vRed, and
  • SAF/IE shares glimpse of future with Misawa

    Mr. William Anderson, Assistant Secretary for Installations Environment and Logistics, stopped here Thursday to meet with Airmen and to discuss issues including environmental stewardship and future fuel alternatives. He also shared his perspective on these issues during an interview with American Forces Network. He talked about the incredible care
  • Mud Ops

    Five amphibious assault vehicles from Combat Service Support Group-3 took part in an outreach program on the Nu'upia Pond mudflats to conduct training and to restore the environment. Started in 1982 the annual three-day Mud Ops allows the Marines to get their much needed land training and opens the mud flats by destroying the pickleweed grass that
  • 15 OG commander relinquishes command

    Col. Steven Groenheim relinquished his command of the 15th Operations Group Wednesday at the Hickam Mall.   Colonel Groenheim, his wife Trisha and sons Steven, Jack and Sam will go to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, where he will be the Headquarters, United States Air Forces Europe C-17 manager. During a speech to attendees at the ceremony, he