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  • Trainer to the stars

    If not for a sharp-eyed recruiter's assistant more than two decades ago, Team Hickam would assuredly be far less 'Fit to Fight.' Benny Miguel was a civilian personal trainer in 1985 when he joined the Air Force's delayed entrance program, awaiting basic training and then technical school in his assigned administrative career field. Just prior to
  • Red Flag-Alaska strengthens coalition forces

    Red Flag-Alaska, a multi-service, multi-platform coordinated, combat operations exercise, kicked off April 5 with the ultimate goal of improving the operational capability of participating units and fostering stronger relations between U.S. and coalition forces. Red Flag-Alaska allows these units, whose missions may differ significantly, the
  • Services squadron caters to Red Flag-Alaska participants

    As 1,300 U.S., French and Australian military members gather here for Red Flag-Alaska 07-01, April 5-20, the services squadron ensures their needs away from the flightline are taken care of. "Across services we're feeling it (Red Flag-Alaska) but this is an exciting time for us to be here to see the change from Cope Thunder to Red Flag-Alaska,"
  • Misawa Airman has unique experience during Japan Day

    For the thousands of attendees, the annual Japan Day here is an opportunity to experience the rich culture of Japan, learn about its past and present, and be entertained. However, for one Misawa Airman, Saturday was an experience a few people have had, and will it stand out in her mind for years to come. "I felt like a celebrity," said Airman 1st
  • 15th Airlift Wing achieves

    Members of the 15th Airlift Wing should make room on their full service dress uniform for a new decoration. The wing was among a select group of six Pacific Air Force winners of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, according to the office of Gen. Paul Hester, PACAF Commander. "We are both honored and humbled that the 15th Airlift Wing was
  • Spirit of Aloha Advances Partnership for Health in Vietnam

    At first it was just a trickle of country folks, but soon a steady procession formed on the narrow, dusty roads dotted with elaborate ancestral tombs and massive water buffalos. People on foot were soon overtaken by rickety bicycles, and noisy motorbikes. By 0700, a huge crowd packed the courtyard outside the spartan clinic building. Propelled by