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  • Misawa officers going downrange for first time

    No more war stories from others for one Air Force lieutenant. She doesn't want to hear it - not this time; she wants to experience it herself. This month, she will not have to listen to her Misawa peers who just returned home telling stories of experiences in war-torn countries, fighting the Global War on Terrorism, or learning about a new culture
  • PACAF takes lead with Pacific Lifeline

    In the aftermath of a devastating typhoon or earthquake, immediate humanitarian response is crucial. Lives may be lost. Thousands may be injured and entire towns leveled. Tsunamis like the one that recently hit the Solomon Islands or the massive storm that devastated Indonesia in December 2004 emphasize the urgent need for immediate response when
  • SFS and local police strengthen bonds with first-time training

    Members of the 354th Security Forces Squadron trained with local civilian law enforcement to cultivate and sharpen their driving skills April 27 on the Sierra Loop of the flightline. "This is the first time Eielson Security Forces has participated in drivers training with local law enforcement agencies," said Master Sgt. Shawn Cox, 354th SFS NCOIC
  • Andersen Air Force Base featured on The Amazing Race

    Andersen, Hickam and Minot Airmen and Naval Base Guam Sailors received some national exposure when CBS's popular "The Amazing Race All-Stars" series recently aired an episode filmed on Guam last December. The contestants and production crew made their way to the small Marianas island in mid-December for the Guam leg of the race that launched the
  • Air Force, JASDF forces train together

    Cowboy Picture.  Death 01 Push.  Commit.  Hostile Group.  Splash.  Cowboy Copy Kill.For many these words may not seem like they work together, but for fighter pilots conducting air-to-air combat, they are the words they live by. On April 27, these words were heard over the waters near Okinawa not only with American accents, but also with Japanese
  • Alaskan Moose

  • Deploying Airmen boost field

    Are you ready to deploy? Forty-six active-duty and reserve Team Hickam warriors tasked to deploy during Air Expeditionary Force 7/8 cycle are now better prepared thanks to their participation in a challenging three-day expeditionary combat skills training (ECST) course held last week on Hickam. "The course was designed to provide intense training
  • Crew Chief to hit 1000

    For an aviator, 1000 flight hours is noteworthy, however, being the first to achieve this with a young fleet of C-17s is milestone of its own. Staff Sgt. Paul Haigh, 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, is 12 hours shy of the 1,000 hour mark, which he intends to reach Wednesday or Thursday somewhere over the Pacific, on only Hickam C-17s. He will be