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  • AFSOC Aircraft Mishap Release - Update 1

    The U.S. Military, alongside the Japan Coast Guard, Japanese Self-Defense Forces, local law enforcement, and Japanese civilian volunteers, is continuing search and rescue operations for the CV-22 crew following the mishap that occurred on Nov 29 off the shore of Yakushima Island, Japan.

  • Yokota establishes EFAC

    Effective immediately, Yokota Air Base has established an Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) in support of all Yokota members affected by the recent aircraft mishap. The EFAC is a consolidated facility that provides supportive services during times of acute need and during emergency

  • AFSOC Aircraft Mishap Release

    A United States Air Force CV-22B Osprey from Yokota Air Base, Japan, assigned to the 353rd Special Operations Wing, was involved in an aircraft mishap while performing a routine training mission off the shore of Yakushima Island, Japan with eight Airmen on board.The crew’s conditions are unknown at

  • Non-Technical Phantoms Excel at the DAF-MIT AI Accelerator

    A select few Airmen from across the world have emerged from the shadows to tackle a variety of different AI projects for the Department of the Air Force. What they share in common is their desire to bridge the digital divide and bring AI back to their home units to solve problems. Not all of these

  • US, Philippine Air Forces support maritime, aerial cooperation activity

    U.S. Air Force F-15s and Philippine Air Force FA-50s fly in formation in the vicinity of the South China Sea in support of a three-day maritime and aerial cooperation activity, Nov. 21-23. The maritime and aerial cooperation activity demonstrates the Armed Forces of the Philippines and U.S.

  • US, Japan Conduct Bilateral Aviation Exercise

    U.S. Forces and the Japan Self-Defense Forces conducted a bilateral aviation exercise over the Sea of Japan on Nov. 22, 2023, demonstrating the enduring deterrence options readily available to the U.S.-Japan Alliance.