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USSPACECOM hosts Chairman of the Japanese Joint Staff

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U.S. Space Command hosted Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Gen. Yoshihide Yoshida, Chairman of the Japanese Joint Staff, during a visit to USSPACECOM headquarters, May 11, 2023, Peterson Space Force Base, Colo. During the visit, members of USSPACECOM briefed Yoshida and his staff on growing threats to the space domain and facilitated a discussion on deepening U.S.-Japan space cooperation. The USSPACECOM-JSDF partnership has featured a Japanese liaison officer at USSPACECOM since April 2021, when the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force signed an arrangement to assign a Japanese liaison officer to the command. USSPACECOM also has continued partnership with Japan’s Space Operations Group, which was stood up in March 2022, and focuses on space situational awareness operations. As democratic anchors in the Indo-Pacific, the U.S. and Japan share an unshakeable commitment to defending freedom and democracy, championing opportunity, upholding human rights, and respecting the rule of law.