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  • Repairing North America’s second longest runway

    As the second longest runway in North America that operates year-round even in subarctic conditions, Eielson Air Force Base’s 14,507 feet long runway requires regular maintenance to ensure mission-readiness at all times.

  • There's "snow" stopping Eielson's snow barn

    In a location like Alaska, where snow can fall as early as October and as late as May, weather doesn’t stop Eielson Air Force Base’s mission from continuing. The vital task of clearing the base's 2.2 million square foot airfield falls on the shoulders of the Airmen assigned to the 354th Civil

  • Iceman engineers build up range for RED FLAG-Alaska

    Building a bridge can come with many challenges, especially when the materials are water and below freezing temperatures.Airmen from the 354th Civil Engineer Squadron head to Delta Junction, Alaska, each year to construct a bridge made of ice, spending weeks at a time in the Alaskan wilderness