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Tag: 353rd SOG
  • CCTs and Marines showcase joint terminal attack control skills at RIMPAC

    In the chaos of battle, few things bring comfort to American and allied forces like the sound of a circling close air support aircraft. Service members breathe a sigh of relief as hardened structures and enemy strongpoints disappear in a cloud of dirt and smoke, granting freedom of movement to ground troops in the most desperate of situations. Every second of enemy suppression amplifies the sinking feeling of isolation; a feeling broken by a single radio transmission, "Callsign flight, checking on station."
  • Joint Airborne Operation a success for 353rd SOG

    "One, two, three...five, six, seven...I see seven chutes," said an Air Force combat controller with the 353rd Special Operations Group, radioing back to the aircrew in the MC-130J Commando II that all jumpers were accounted for.
  • Revive, rescue, repeat: Marine Recon and Air Force special operators hone humanitarian skills

    Air Commandos of the 353rd Special Operations Group teamed with specially-trained U.S. Marines during a humanitarian assistance and disaster response exercise July 8-9 in Hawaii. Joint operations, like this, can be the difference between life and death with American forces ready to respond when confronted with the next calamity.