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  • National K9 Vets Day: Celebrating our furry service members

    Some of the most selfless service members come in all shapes and sizes, but on March 13, we celebrate our military working dogs for National K9 Veterans Day. On this day in 1942, the U.S. Army established the War Dog Program, or K-9 Corps, which became a critical asset to the armed forces. At Osan and across the Air Force, K-9 teams provide a multi-faceted capability in explosive or narcotic substance detection, and suspect apprehension.
  • Paws below zero

    Every paw press into powder dry snow produces a sharp shriek in to the dark frigid air only heard in negative temperatures. Not a breath through the wet, black nostrils isn’t without effort inhaling painful sniffs intent on detecting deadly explosives, drugs or intruders. Military working dogs from the 354th Security Forces Squadron march alongside the human defenders who stand “Ready to go at 50 below” 24 hours a day protecting assets that set atop the world in the U.S. Air Force’s Pacific theater of operations.