Being an Airman is universal

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Chris Vadnais
  • Air Force Regional News Center - Pacific
If you ask Senior Airman Ronald McFarlin what he likes most about being a member of the 15th Security Forces, he’ll tell you “we’re there when you need us.”

The Air Force needed him at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates, and he was there. He just returned from a six-month deployment.

“I joined the military to see the world; this was my opportunity,” he said. “Regardless if the timing wasn’t necessarily what I wanted it to be or necessarily the length that I wanted to be gone,” he smiled. “Once I was there, I was there. I had fun, I made the best of it, the time went by and I’m happy to be home.”

At home, SrA McFarlin works at Hickam’s Pass and Registration office. It’s a busy place, but much different than the vehicle search area at Al Dhafra. That 24-hour operation is responsible for securing the entire installation.

“We’re searching for explosives, we’re searching for any type of intel that is being transferred on and off base … intel from the bad guy or our own intel getting off the base,” he said.

After spending six months away from his family in a somewhat hostile environment, SrA McFarlin came to a conclusion.

“The job is the same here for me as in the AOR. It’s like our commander always says, you know your job, you do your job, be professional. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, you can’t go wrong if you do that,” he said.

SrA McFarlin will likely deploy for another six months sometime relatively soon. When the Air Force needs him he’ll be there, and this time he’ll leave armed with more than his weapon. He’ll also have the knowledge and experience he earned on his first deployment. (Courtesy of Pacific Air Forces)