Air Force Association turns Atterbury renovation into unique opportunity.

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  • By Col Tim Saffold
  • AFA Hawaii
Air Force Association turns Atterbury renovation into unique opportunity.

As you've driven past Atterbury Circle the past week or so, have you asked yourself "What's going on with all this construction?" The answer is, a project to create a unique memorial to Airmen contributions to air and space power in the Pacific -- an enduring symbol to honor and commemorate faithful and honorable service to the United States Air Force. And you can be part of this legacy.

A project spear headed by the Air Force Association, Atterbury Memorial Park is a significant Hickam AFB renovation that will beautify and create a lasting legacy around the Atterbury Circle flagpole area. The park will incorporate attractive pavers individually inscribed with the name, organization, duties and dates of service of persons who have contributed to Pacific air and space power. Each rust-hued brick pavers are approximately 4 x 9 inches with etched capital letters filled with epoxy. Literally, each pave will "set in stone" recognition commemorating the significant achievements of Pacific theater Airmen.

AFA Hawaii, as a non-profit sponsor of this project, has created the opportunity for individuals to purchase one of these historical pavers. To participate in the initial pave order, AFA Hawaii requests your order by Feb. 25. Subsequent opportunities will exist, but it is expected these pavers will go very quickly. Soon, AFA Hawaii also will offer attractive brass plaques, placed on four historical walls within the park, to commemorate organization or unit contributions to Pacific air and space power.

This is a unique opportunity for Airmen of all ranks and backgrounds - active, guard, and reserve, civilian and retired. This could be a superb farewell gift for unit members or an outstanding special-occasion gift for family members with ties to USAF air and space power. Three minimum donation levels based on where pavers will be placed have been established at $150, $250 or $350. Donations will help fund AFA Hawaii sponsored scholarships and air and space education programs throughout the Hawaiian Islands as well as build on programs that support the Air Force family throughout Hawaii.

More information about the project can be found by logging on to I encourage you to support AFA Hawaii's efforts to continue building on our Air Force's rich and all-important legacy in the defense of freedom and protection of the United States of America.