July 4th: More than a Holiday…A Celebration of Freedom

  • Published
  • By General Paul V. Hester
  • Commander, Pacific Air Forces
This Fourth of July marks the 230th anniversary of the day 56 brave patriots signed the Declaration of Independence – the document that marked the birth of our Nation. Those early Americans knew that this declaration was only the beginning of a long struggle for freedom and independence. Since that day, regardless of the challenges, proud Americans around the globe have steadfastly defended the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

On Independence Day we celebrate the birth of America – a nation that has stood for freedom from its very first day. We are a nation that will send generation after generation of our young people to fight for the liberties of millions of people around the world. From Valley Forge to Bastogne to Fallujah, Americans have answered the call and gone in harm’s way for freedom.

Today, the men and women of Pacific Air Forces hold the torch of freedom’s defenders high for all to see. Far from America’s shores and the places we call “home,” your service and dedication to our Nation is exemplary. Patriots know no generation…know no century…they stand for freedom and defend it proudly.

As Lynda and I celebrate this Independence Day, our thoughts and prayers, and those of a grateful nation are with you….AMERICA’S FINEST MEN AND WOMEN! May God bless you all and may He bless our great Nation!