Core Values --- Making the Right Choices

  • Published
  • By Capt Allison Farabaugh
  • Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs
In today's Air Force we are doing more with less - the pressure is relentless and the cost is high; how do we professionally and personally maintain our integrity, service and excellence?

Surveying an array of Airmen the responses varied but the common theme revolved around "the right thing to do."

To CMSgt. Rodney McKinley, recently appointed as the 15th Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force, the questions are simple, "What is right? What is wrong? The little voice you hear is your guide."

"The core values are a reminder, but you know in your gut what's right and appropriate both on and off duty," he said.

Moreover, Airmen have the opportunity and responsibility to be informal ambassadors for the Air Force and America.

"Our actions, especially overseas, have a direct effect on our mission, community relations and state department issues," said the chief.

Our allies also incorporate the tactics of a values system and Lt. Col. Teakhwan Song, Republic of Korea Air Force Liaison to PACAF, offered his perspective.

"The Republic of Korea Air Force core values state, Service the country with loyalty, don't put self-interests before the interests of the people, and don't fear to make the ultimate sacrifice for the country," said Colonel Song.

Hand and hand with service is the value of honesty and hard work.

"Integrity should be expected from others both at work and in the real world," said Capt. Danny Stupinski, executive officer for PACAF Plans and Programs.

He further states that "excellence is taking an expectation you are given and exceeding it."

The ideas integrity, service and excellence speak to more than just Air Force Airmen; they apply to all employees of the Air Force, including civilians.

"I believe the core values apply to each individual as a moral reminder of how to be honest to others and true to yourself with a commitment to any mission statement you may follow," said Warren Oda, a contractor with the 15th Airlift Wing Communications squadron.

An Air Force member whether uniformed or civilian is bound to our Core Values; they are our identity.