Management by the number

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kevin Wilske
  • 8th Maintenance Squadron
Over the last 11 years I have come across many forms of leadership, some good and unfortunately some bad. However, one thing that remained the same is that you can always learn from either type. 

I have come up with five simple steps to follow that will always produce good followers and team-players:


We learned from basic training and technical training that you need to respect your superiors. If you communicate or demonstrate to your subordinates that you respect them, they will open the lines of communication.


While this is usually earned you need to ensure that you trust your people.


Leading by example is one of the strongest forms of training we have as supervisors. While there may not be times in which we can sit down with each of our personnel, simply doing what you are supposed to shows you adhere to regulations and rules regardless of your own personal beliefs.


Everyone who works for you has a life outside of duty hours. If you recognize this and show that you are interested in not only their professional life, but their personal life they will feel that you are invested in them and not only what they can do for the mission.


To take someone under your wing is a responsibility of all Airmen, regardless of rank. It's our responsibility to connect with the younger generation which may not ask for your help. Sit with them to let them know you truly care for their potential of success and express your willingness to assist in their development.

When doing all of the above items you are not only giving back to your successors or the development of the military, you are strengthening your beliefs in the Core Values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do.