Strong Families

  • Published
  • By Lt.Col Henry Cashen
This month's PACAF Resilient Warrior theme is Strong Families. Each of us has people in our lives that are important to us and we all need help at times, whether it is from family, significant others, friends, or coworkers. Building strong families takes time, patience, and commitment. Since most Airmen are many miles from their extended families, we need to rely on each other both on and off duty. Both our immediate family and Air Force family are counting on us.

We need to ensure our immediate family will be ready and able to manage when we deploy. Take the time to ensure those family members left behind are able to manage the family financial matters in our absence. We need to update wills and medical directives, create powers of attorney, and ensure that family members have access to important documents. During deployments, be sure to keep in contact with your family members as much as possible. It is critical that when a member of our unit is deployed, unit members provide needed support to his/her family in their absence.

We also have to remember our duty to our Air Force family. Our fellow Airmen need to know we are there for them in their time of need. Deterring someone from doing something that could harm themselves, someone else, or bring discredit the Air Force may be a difficult task, but it is a critical part of being a good Wingman and taking care of each other. If you know someone who is engaging in risky behaviors, point it out to them, talk to them, and if needed, get help from a supervisor, coworker or another friend. We all can experience temporary lapses in judgment and sometimes may need help from others to get back on the right flight path.

April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. We should all work to prevent child abuse and neglect and promote safe and healthy families. Resources to assist families are available through the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Family Advocacy Program and Military One Source. Take the time to invest in making your family strong and resilient. Your immediate, extended and Air Force families are all excellent sources of support in these challenging times.