Health and wellness is key to readiness

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Cynthia Cogburn
  • Command Public Health Officer
During the month of May the PACAF Resilient Warrior Initiative theme is Health and Wellness. The human weapon system is the most important and complex weapon system in our inventory. Your health and wellness is essential to our readiness and requires daily maintenance to reach peak performance and be resilient to the demands of daily life.

During May, schedule some time to review and make sure important issues that impact your health and wellness are in order. Be sure your preventive health exam is current and any preventative testing (blood tests, blood pressure checks, mammograms, etc) has been accomplished. If you have a health issue or concern, make an appointment now and get it resolved. Re-evaluate and adjust your diet. Do you live to eat or eat to live? In this time of oversized food portions, eliminate the "Value Meal" and "Super-Size" mentality and cut back on calorie intake. Take in foods that really fuel your body, not just fill it.

Shedding some extra pounds can positively impact other health indicators such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing risks for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Schedule regular exercise in your daily activities and include aerobic and weight bearing in your weekly routine. Exercise not only improves your cardiovascular health, but also helps you manage stress. Resolve to eliminate unhealthy lifestyle choices such as tobacco use.

Tobacco can negatively impact even a warrior's health, increasing blood pressure and risk for heart disease and cancer. Did you know...1 in 6 smokers in will die from causes directly related to tobacco? Stopping tobacco use is not easy, but the benefits you gain will improve quality of life and make it well worth the effort. Remember there is no safe level of second hand smoke, so do it for yourself and your family as well.

Take advantage of classes offered at the Health and Wellness Center to ensure your exercise program, diet and lifestyle choices are the best for you. Striking a balance in your Health and Wellness will ensure you take care of your human weapon system making you a Resilient "fit for life" Warrior.