A Devotional Moment: Holiday Survival

  • Published
  • By By Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Bruce Glover
  • 51st Fighter Wing chaplain
"Ready, set, go!" 

Or should I say "Hana, dool, set"-- the holiday season is beginning! Children are planning their door-knocking routes to maximize the candy haul. 

Around the corner we'll remember and honor our Veterans, then devour sumptuous Thanksgiving feasts. 

Without slowing down it's time to shop, mail, write and prepare for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Year's. 

Office and unit parties, worship services, gatherings with friends and family and base-wide celebrations fill our calendars, and before we know it -- it's January and the next exercise. Hang on for the holiday ride! 

As we approach this extremely busy time of year, I encourage us to remember several important things: 

Though the holiday season is a joyful time; remember that it can also be a painful time of year. Loss, grief, loneliness and relationship difficulties may be intensified during this time of year when we know we are supposed to be thankful and joyful, but aren't. Be aware of others and be ready to listen! 

Stay connected with people. Now more than any other time of year, we need to make sure that the "Wingman" concept is more than an idea--it's how we do business. 

We often say that the military is like our family; the next two months it's time to prove it and care for each other. 

Finally, make a realistic plan for the holidays and stick to it. You can't buy every gift, you can't do all the parties -- though some will try.  And you certainly can't eat every feast -- though some will look and feel like they did. 

Be aware of others, stay connected, and make a realistic plan, then hang on for the holiday ride!