COMPACAF Announces Kick Off of Combined Federal Campaign

  • Published
  • By Gen. Gary North
  • Pacific Air Forces Commander
Fellow Airmen, last year the men and women of Pacific Air Forces contributed via personal donations more than $2.3 million to the Combined Federal Campaign--their contributions helped make a difference through a multitude of charities. 

As Airmen, you live a voluntary lifestyle of serving others that truly makes a difference every day to thousands that have no idea who you are, or what you represent in the protection and assurance of their individual freedoms. The CFC is a long standing opportunity that each of us has, in our own voluntary way, to have an impact through more than 2,000 participating local, national and international charities that support important causes for individuals and organizations. These are organizations that can make a difference in the lives, and for the lives, of many that might not have the opportunities, or the honor that we have to serve. 

Last year, funds raised in PACAF also supported our Family Support and Youth Programs. FYSP support totaled more than $123,000 for our command--funds put to great use by our own PACAF families. 

The decision is completely yours of where and how, or even if, to contribute. As the volunteers who run the CFC campaign provide you the opportunity for consideration, please remember that there are many needs in our nation and world today. Your consideration is appreciated, and your opportunity to learn about the many worthy causes within the CFC campaign is often telling. Each of us has known someone in our lives who has benefited from the goodness of others. 

As our CFC campaign starts, please remember that you can make a difference, as each of you have proven already, either in uniform, as a civilian Airmen, or a family member of an Airmen. 

Thank you for your service to the world's greatest Air Force and for making a difference in all that you do for PACAF, our Air Force, our joint force and our great nation.