New PACAF command chief introduces himself

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt Harold Hutchison
  • Pacific Air Forces

Greetings Airmen of Pacific Air Forces. It's an honor to join this proud and powerful team of dedicated men and women serving here in the Pacific. This is a dynamic region of the world with unique challenges and I am excited to witness firsthand the amazing work you all are accomplishing. With that in mind, I'll keep this short, so you can get back on line.


My job is simple--I am to help establish effective policy and procedures for PACAF, to clarify our commander's intent and, most importantly, to identify obstacles that prevent you from succeeding at our vital mission. In short, I am here to serve you--the greatest Airmen in the world. To be clear, when I say Airmen, I am referring to every enlisted, officer, civilian and family member in this command. You all play a role in our mission, and I owe you the best support and guidance I can offer.


My approach to this job is also simple--I want to get out there and communicate face-to-face with each and every one of you. I intend to be more than just "a picture on the wall." Leadership cannot happen from behind a desk, so over the coming months expect to see me out there among your units taking in your Air Force story. I want to hear all about your successes, challenges and frustrations. Be ready with tough questions and great ideas. I can't wait to hear what you have to say.


I love taking care of Airmen and choose to spend the majority of my time directly engaging with Airmen in order to do just that. Fair warning: I believe taking care of the people you love is not about giving them want they want, but rather providing what they need. Most people want a break when what they honestly need is someone to hold them accountable. If you really care for someone, you will do what is best for them. Just know that even though it may not always seem like it, my top priority will always be ensuring mission success while caring for your social, emotional, physical and spiritual health.