Misawa wins award for best large post office

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Vann Miller
  • 35th Fighter WIng Public Affairs
The Misawa Postal Service Center was recently announced as the best large postal facility in the Air Force.

The 35th Communications Squadron received this announcement after being nominated for several noteworthy achievements in 2005.

During 2005, the Misawa post office team was recognized as the No. 1 postal operation throughout Pacific Air Forces.

“This team didn’t do it all by itself,” said Master Sgt. Alfred Wilhite, 35th CS Misawa postmaster, who complimented and congratulated all the people who contributed to the base receiving his award.

The postal services here displayed some of its capabilities by integrating programs that not only improved processing and delivering times, but have also made visits to their office more service friendly, according to the list of achievements presented in the award nomination.

They re-numbered 5,700 receptacles with the zip code plus four designators, increasing inprocessing and delivery time by pre-sorting inbound mail; operated parcels after dark, services allowing customers to receive their packages 24 hours a day; and used e-mail to inform customers of registered and express mail.

When manning reached 61 percent, the team of 18 postal clerks worked during closing hours to inprocess incoming mail. They expanded to a 16-hour postal operation, cutting mail delivery by 12 hours.

When the team deployed 12 Airmen in support of the Global War on Terrorism, the team reached out to the base asking for volunteers to help so customers wouldn’t be affected. More than 100 volunteers came forward helping the team process mail.

The postal team also led and completed upgrade projects of more than $200,000, enhancing the facility appearance, customer service and morale of the base community. The team was acknowledged by Pacific Air Forces Air Postal Squadron for strong leadership, management, and for having an aggressive self-inspection program, according to the award nomination.

Finally, even as the team fought reduced manning, they managed to earn quarterly awards, promotions, degrees, and six members finished their professional military education.