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F-4 Phantom shares road with cars in Japan

  • Published
  • By Navy Journalist 1st Class Hendrick Simoes
  • Air Force Print News
An aircraft sharing the street with cars is a rare sight. But if you've ever wondered how display aircraft get to where they are, that's exactly what may happen.

Roads had to be closed and several people were needed to walk with a retired F-4 Phantom here Sept. 27 to help ensure it arrived safely at its new destination here. The task is challenging.

"There are trees in the way, we have a lot of street signs and buildings signs, so you really have to think ahead. The more eyes on the job the better," said Tech. Sgt. Shane Holmes, tow supervisor.

For Sergeant Holmes and his crew, making sure an aircraft fits underneath a stop light isn't routine.

"We have to go with whatever the occasion serves. You never know what you're going to be dealt with, so you just adapt to it," he said.