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Air show to showcase C-17's capabilities

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Shane A. Cuomo
  • Air Force Print News
C-17 Globemaster III crews from Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, will showcase their aircrafts' unique capabilities in an air show in Australia this month.

In preparation for the air show, a crew flew their C-17 to Kona International Airport, putting the jet through the performance maneuvers that best demonstrates the cargo aircraft's capabilities.

"Each maneuver was executed with exact timing and precision," said Master Sgt. Rich Moody, 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron section chief and narrator for the air show. "The pilots' training flight was in perfect coordination with the script."

The C-17 concentrated on two 10-minute routines and one 12-minute routine with the highlight of both performances being a high-speed pass over the runway at 500 feet followed by a teardrop maneuver that aligns the aircraft with the runway before accelerating each of the four giant Pratt and Whitney engines to the sound of 40,000 pounds of thrust demonstrating both the speed and rapid strategic capability of the airplane.

Later in the routine, the C-17 maneuvered to show its ability to fly at slow speeds showcasing its advanced aerodynamics in action. The goal is to demonstrate agility at both high and low speeds and ease of operation in any tactile situation including combat delivery of paratroopers or equipment airdrops.

While on static display at the air show, another of Hickam AFB's C-17 crews will explain how the aircraft's advanced design allows it to accomplish its missions with a minimum of only three crewmembers.

The responsive nature and flexibility of the aircraft will be demonstrated by showing the C-17's capability to routinely back up under its own power highlighting the aircraft's ground maneuverability in limited space to offload equipment and cargo, often in austere locations.

Since the C-17's arrival in the Pacific theater, it has gained attention from other Pacific nations. Being on display in Australia will further demonstrate Pacific Air Forces global mobility commitment to the Pacific.

"We are doing the air show demo so we can demonstrate the C-17 capabilities to Australia and the Australian air force," said Capt. Corey Reed, 535th Airlift Squadron pilot.