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Teamwork key to bilateral exchanges at Misawa

  • Published
  • By Navy Seaman Apprentice Shane Arrington
  • Detachment 12, Air Force News Agency
Overcoming obstacles such as language barriers can be difficult. This is something Staff Sgt. Andrew Frasier learned recently when he and six other Airmen from Misawa AB, Japan, came here for a bilateral exchange.

One of Sergeant Frasier's responsibilities during the exchange was making sure aircraft were properly fueled.

"I helped the guys refuel the jets. It's a little bit different than what we do in Misawa. They have four guys on the line, dragging the line in," he said. "That's the biggest thing I've learned from this experience is that teamwork is one of their best qualities."

There are many things done differently between the Japanese and American air forces but when it comes down to it, refueling a jet is refueling a jet no matter what language you speak, Sergeant Frasier said.

During the exchange, the American and Japanese Airmen set time aside for English lessons. While learning a host nation's language is optional for U.S. servicemembers, learning English is mandatory for members of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force, or JASDF.