Red Flag-Alaska begins 2007 season

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More than 1,300 military members from the United States, France and Australia are gathering in the Last Frontier to participate in Red Flag-Alaska 07-1 scheduled from April 5 to 21.

Red Flag-Alaska, a series of Pacific Air Forces commander-directed field training exercises for U.S. forces, provides joint offensive counter-air, interdiction, close air support, and large force employment training in a simulated combat environment.

These exercises are conducted on the Pacific Alaskan Range Complex with air operations flown out of Eielson and Elmendorf Air Force bases in Alaska.

For the exercise units made up of Air Force, Navy, and France and Australian military units organize as an air expeditionary wing at Eielson AFB with a subordinate air expeditionary group at Elmendorf AFB.

"Red Flag-Alaska exercises enable aviation units to sharpen their combat skills by flying a minimum of 10 simulated combat sorties in a realistic threat environment and provides unique opportunities to help integrate various forces into joint, coalition, and bilateral training from simulated forward operating bases," said Lt. Gen. Loyd S. Utterback, the 13th Air Force commander. "Additionally, the training allows us to exchange tactics, techniques and procedures and improve interoperability."

Following Red Flag-Alaska 07-1, a second period will be conducted May 31 to June 15, followed by a third iteration scheduled July 12 to 27.