Child care providers go for accreditation

  • Published
  • By Jennifer Almendarez
  • 18th Force Support Squadron
Kadena Air Base is leading the way in family child care by providing more accredited family child care providers than any base in Pacific Air Forces. 

The National Association for Family Child Care began a major initiative in 1994 to develop a new accreditation system for family child care. 

"Air Force-wide, there are 113 accredited providers, averaging two per base," said Crystal Butler, an NAFCC accredited provider at Kadena. "In 2007, three Kadena providers pursued their license and were awarded their national accreditation through Kadena's FCC program." 

This brings a total of four accredited providers on Kadena, more than any other base in PACAF and three additional providers are actively pursuing their accreditation license, according to Butler. 

"Being an accredited FCC provider is the most fulfilling job I have ever had," she said.  "Earning my national accreditation was a challenge, but a very rewarding process." 

The program's standards serve as a cornerstone in professional development and self-assesment for providers and families here. 

"As a mother and provider, I have watched my children learn, grow, and discover," said Butler. "The best part is watching them set and achieve their own goals."

"I look forward to being an accredited provider for many more years and to teaching and learning from the children I will care for along the way," she added. 

The NAFCC accreditation was designed to promote and recognize high quality in family child care homes. The NAFCC accreditation helps providers to define standards of quality for the field of family child care and put their training into practice.