Kashim Club to close due

  • Published
  • By Luke Waack
  • JBER Public Affairs
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson's Kashim Club is scheduled to close in a few months, due to high maintenance costs and a lack of business.

The Kashim closure should coincide with the re-opening of the Iditarod Dining Facility in late December or early January.

"Given the current tighter fiscal environment, we're being very conscious about where we spend funds to support the JBER community," Rendell said. "In looking at our operations, it became clear that putting money into the Kashim was short-changing our customers; the facility has high utility costs, rising facility maintenance costs, decreased customer usage, and continued Nonappropriated Fund losses said Air Force Maj. Brian Rendell, 673d Force Support Squadron, commander."

The Kashim building is more than 50 years old, and renovations would require substantial amounts of money.

"Currently, over $2 million is needed, just to keep the facility operable. In an era of declining budgets, this is economically unsustainable," Rendell said.

Kashim patrons will have plenty of options left on JBER-Elmendorf for dining and club activities, Rendell said.

"By closing the Kashim, we can focus our funding on other operations that are more popular with the JBER community," he continued.

"For special events, they can use rooms in the Arctic Warrior Events Center; for club activities, they can use The Cave or The Chill, or even use the bar at the bowling center or the golf course," Rendell said.

The Food Transformation Initiative will give JBER community members more options as well.

"The Iditarod is currently undergoing $600,000 in renovations as part of the Air Force's Food Transformation Initiative," Rendell said. "Also, as part of campus style dining, Airmen on meal card can now take part in campus style dining, which allows them eat at other NAF food operations, such as the Eagle's Nest and the Paradise Café. With Food Transformation, Aramark will be investing funds into both of those food operations to make them better for all JBER patrons."

Approximately 1,400 people who hold a 673d Force Support Squadron Benefit Card can use their membership benefits for a 10 percent discount at many FSS activities.
On top of those venues, and many other options provided by the Force Support Squadron, Airmen can also enjoy the Wired Café, which is located in the dorm area, Rendell said.