Arctic Gold 24-1 prepares the 354th FW to Project Airpower

  • Published
  • By Airman Spencer Hanson
  • 354th Fighter Wing

The 354th Fighter Wing conducted exercise Arctic Gold 24-1 to practice the wing’s ability to deploy fifth generation airpower at a moment’s notice, Jan. 22-24, 2024.

The main objectives of the exercise were to generate and employ 24 F-35 Lightning II’s, cargo, and all tasked personnel.  The exercise assured Airmen under the Pacific Air Forces are ready to defend and protect the United States from aggressors and uphold PACAF’s ability to fight and win.

“Deployment taskings may happen with very little notice and units must be ready to move equipment and personnel to meet the needs of the command,” said Maj. Kendra Lance, 354th Fighter Wing operations officer. “These taskings may differ significantly from our daily operations so practicing them is critical for our operational readiness.”

This exercise was conducted in support of a Flexible Deterrent Option. FDOs are a planning construct that intend to direct and facilitate decision making by creating paths set to resolve crisis before armed conflict. If the conflict is not resolved, to position U.S. forces to decisively prevail in ensuing military action.

“Arctic Gold 24-1 showcases our ability to refine the readiness and resilience of our Airmen,” said Dennis Scott, 354th Fighter Wing exercise program director. “We continue to improve, so that we can expedite collective responses to any challenges we face.”

The execution of AG 24-1 supports the 354th FW mission by exercising deployment capabilities to ensure readiness and mission effectiveness.