Developing leaders; Andersen holds flight commander course

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Aubree Owens
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs

A professional enhancement seminar for newer company grade officers, typically second or first lieutenants, who are readying to become flight commanders was held at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Aug. 16-18, 2023.

The overall goal of the flight commander course is to build, refine, and develop company grade officer’s leadership and ability to support the four major roles of command, which is leading people, executing the mission, managing resources, and improving the unit.

“In order to achieve our strategic objectives, we need leaders at all levels to deliver on those four major areas,” said Capt. David Hough, lead organizer of the course. “This course is designed to target a particular echelon of that leadership chain and also bridge the professional military education gap between their commissioning source and Squadron Officer School, which they attend after four years in the Air Force.”


Ten company grade officers from different units across Andersen AFB attended the three day seminar. This course focused on topics such as team building, conflict management and emotional intelligence, all taught by leaders from across the installation.


“One of the major benefits from this course was that we did a series of self-assessments that helped us realize where we stand as leaders,” said 1st Lt. Sebastian Merchan Martinez, 36th Communications Squadron officer in charge. “I believe each instructor/leader that mentored us added new ‘tools’ to our ‘tool belt’, meaning we now know of so many more resources that we can use to better lead our Airmen.”


The flight commander course has been taught in the past at Andersen AFB, however, it’s been revamped from a two day course to a three day course, encompassing more information and mentorship for the attendees.


“People are the 36th Wing’s highest priority and by emphasizing this will encourage empowerment throughout every group, squadron, and unit,” said Brig. Gen. Thomas Palenske, commander of the 36th Wing. “With courses like this, the 36th Wing is able to set standards and empower young leaders to care for their Airmen.”