Wolf Pack turns 75

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  • By 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Battle tested. History making. Legendary.

Few units in the United States Air Force are as distinctive or as recognizable as the 8th Fighter Wing… the Wolf Pack.

From inception, the Wolf Pack has been critical to safeguarding the peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region. No unit’s history is as storied. 

Established in August of 1948 and tasked to provide air defense for the Japanese islands, the Wolf Pack answered the nation’s call to defend a new ally.

In 1950, the 8th provided air support for the evacuation of Americans on the Korean peninsula and emerged from battle with the first aerial victory of the Korean War. 

Joining the fight in Vietnam in 1965, they flew more than 15,000 combat missions; “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that scored an Air Force-high of 38 and a half MiG kills. They produced the Air Force’s first two jet aces; legends of leaders like Robin Olds. 

The Wolf Pack nickname was not given it was earned, a legacy cemented by a record of excellence.

Today, that legacy lives on, as the men and women of the 8th Fighter Wing continue to provide a powerful presence; their readiness critical to maintaining peace and underwriting freedom on the Korean peninsula. 

As the Pack proved ready then, 75 years later, it is ready now.  

While we hope the call never comes, the Wolf Pack is always ready, always watching… so may God have mercy on the Wolf Pack’s prey.