Engineers keep Kunsan hydrated to ‘Fight Tonight’

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Samuel Earick
  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

8th Civil Engineer Squadron and 8th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron Airmen trained together on water purification tactics during Beverly Sentinel 23-2, July 11. 

Airmen specialized in water and fuels system maintenance and bioenvironmental processes stood up the reserve osmosis water purification unit which ensures safe drinking water access for Kunsan AB Airmen during contingency operations while testing their speed and accuracy. 

ROWPU is a machine capable of operating anywhere with a water source to produce a minimum of 1,500 gallons of purified water every hour. 

Senior Airman Andrew Melton, 8th Civil Engineer Squadron water and fuels system maintenance journeyman, explains the importance of this capability to keeping the Wolf Pack in the proverbial fight.   

“If an attack were to happen, the water plant that Kunsan uses could be compromised or the city water could be vulnerable,” said Meton. “Our ROWPU is not attached to any of those systems so we can make sure that we get clean water to the Wolf Pack during a contingency.” 

Staff Sgt. Joshua Crenshaw, 8th OMRS bioenvironmental non-commissioned officer in charge, tested the ROWPU’s water quality immediately following the machine’s initial water production. 

“ROWPU is a capability that takes partnership to accomplish as CES Airmen deal with the functionality of the machine,” said Crenshaw. “Bioenvironmental is more concerned with ensuring that the water falls within the correct parameters for healthy consumption to make sure the members on base continue to be fit to fight.” 

The Beverly Sentinel 23-2 training event enables Airmen across the base to test their operational skills while ensuring the Wolf Pack maintains the ability to defend the base, accept follow-on forces and take the fight north.