PACAF Guardian speaks at 75th Philippines Air Force Symposium

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jimmie D. Pike
  • Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs
On June 22, 2022, United States Space Force Maj. Andrew Coatsworth, Pacific Air Forces Future Capabilities deputy branch chief, provided remarks during the 75th Philippines Air Force Symposium.

During his presentation which was aimed at discussing U.S. space capabilities and facilitating a close relationship with a long-term ally, he opened his speaking engagement by highlighting the necessity for the creation of the USSF, the first new US military branch in 70 year.

“This resulted from a widespread recognition that space was a national security imperative, especially when combined with the growing threat posed by nuclear competitors in space,” said Coatsworth.

After acknowledging the need for a focused space force, Coatsworth went on to explain a few space capabilities the USSF maintains.

“Operationally we have a satellite control network that works alongside our space domain architecture to maintain custody of space debris,” said Coatsworth.

This satellite control network is operated by USSF Space Delta 6 and provides support to Department of Defense satellites and a few non-DoD satellites. It provides tracking data to help maintain the catalog of space objects and distributes various data through a continual execution of Telemetry, Tracking, and Command operations.

“Additionally, we have orbital constellations that provide information for weather, communication, GPS, and missile warning and defense from launch to impact,” said Coatsworth.

He also added that the United States’ priority theater is extremely challenging given the vastness of it, underscoring the importance of developing space capabilities.

“The Pacific is potentially the most unique and most contested, degraded, operationally limited geographic location that currently exists today” said Coatsworth.

Though nothing is currently planned for bilateral coordination on developments within the space domain, Coatsworth concluded his engagement by highlighting the importance of working together.

“It's an honor to have been invited to and asked to speak about the USSF at the Philippines Air Force's 75th anniversary symposium to continue our shared commitment between the US and Philippines,” said Coatsworth. “We always hope to have a presence alongside our international partners.”