Three’s Company: 2 + 3 = a happy family

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Nicholas Z. Brown
  • 15th Wing Public Affairs

November is National Military Family Appreciation Month and having well-supported families helps Airmen take care of the mission.

The Bolton family found themselves in need of help from their Air Force family on their journey of expecting triplets.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bolton was in Guam preparing a jet to take Airmen into an exercise, when he learned he and his wife, Heaven, were expecting triplets.

“We were both shocked by the news,” said Robert, 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief. “I was excited to come home.”

That wasn’t the first time Robert received news while he was away from home.

“A year ago, we had a miscarriage after eight weeks, and I was working out of town that time too,” said Robert. “My squadron was really good about immediately putting me on a plane and I was home within six hours. A couple months later we were blessed with these three.”

The Boltons were excited about the pregnancy, but also worried.

“When we were four months pregnant we found out there was a complication so we had to be sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center,” said Robert. “My squadron gave me orders to go over there and that was my duty station until it was resolved.”

Robert’s leadership constantly checked on him.

“The whole time we were there they called us,” said Heaven. “The medical team at Hickam was on top of it and made sure everything was okay.”

“My commander, shirt, and supervisor have been wonderful about this entire process,” said Robert. “The Air Force family has been very helpful. Not just my squadron, but also the medical team and Exceptional Family Member Program.”

The triplets were born Oct. 15 all healthy. However, as is normal with triplets, the babies are premature and have to be kept in an incubator.

While at the hospital, Robert’s squadron delivered meals to the Bolton Family.

“When I found out he was having triplets I was shocked,” said Staff Sgt. Francisco Cruz, 15th Aircraft Squadron aerospace repulsion craftsman. “I couldn’t imagine having three newborns all at the same time and I just wanted to do whatever I could to help them out.”

“It’s helped out tremendously,” said Robert. “We don’t have to worry about food and we can focus on our babies. They’ll shoot us a message or give us a call asking what we’re feeling like and then they’ll give us some food.”

During this process, Robert also applied for a position at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

Part of Air Force life is getting ready for the next assignment. Robert’s leadership helped him with the application process while he’s been taking care of his family.