18th CMSAF ventures to Misawa to listen, encourage

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Deana Heitzman
  • 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright spoke with 35th Fighter Wing Airmen addressing their concerns and critical roles in the Indo-Asia-Pacific during his theater immersion tour, June 9.

The 18th CMSAF learned about the “Wild Weasel,” Koku-Jieitai, or Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Naval Air Facility and Army Joint Tactic Ground Station missions at Misawa and dedicated time mentoring junior and senior enlisted Airmen.

“I am here to do one thing--to listen,” said Wright. “As your chief, it is my job to listen to your concerns and I would be remised if I didn’t come and look at you face-to-face and get feedback on how to make our Air Force better.”

Throughout the day, Wright listened to presentations on Misawa’s professional development strategy and Airmen welfare. He also visited various work centers focusing his primary concern on innovative Airmen.

“My three focus areas are training, leadership and resiliency,” said Wright. “But the one thing that keeps me up at night is resiliency. I get to see the best things in the Air Force, but I also see the worst. Collectively, it leads me to believe our Airmen, your teammates, are not as resilient they can be and this has become my primary focus.”

Additionally, Tonya Wright, the CMSAF's wife, met with key spouses and explained how they are people of interest within a military household as well.

“It is important for spouses of higher ranking individuals to mentor newer spouses,” said Mrs. Wright. “If they do not know all of the organizations that are there to help them, they cannot channel their own resiliency.”

Toward the conclusion of his visit, Wright hosted an all-call, which emphasized that Misawa Airmen are the definition of resilient warfighters ready to “fight tonight” within the Pacific Air Forces’ area of responsibility.

“With the level of global instability, it gets tough on Airmen,” said Wright. “In those tough times, I need all of us to bounce back. We are a great Air Force, but there is nothing greater that gives us a more strategic advantage in this world than our Airmen.”

Furthermore, the CMSAF priorities mirror the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s, which focuses Airmen’s ability to fight, leadership and welfare qualities at the squadron level versus higher headquarters. Wright stressed this level is where the mission is accomplished and commanders and senior enlisted members have the most influence on junior Airmen.

“I felt energy, I felt enthusiasm and I felt pride today,” said Wright. “When I see what Airmen have accomplished here, it says a lot about the leadership team at Misawa. I am proud of what I have seen here. Thank you.”